Privacy Policy

AspNet Bugs makes sure that the privacy of all its registered users is secured.

The Privacy Policy of AspNet Bugs website will be updated from time to time so I request you to read this page in order to keep you updated with the changes.

What kind of Information that we collect

We keep your name, email address, and IP address when you submit post comments.

We collect some data to make connect with your audience widely and help you out at the end of the day.

If you don’t allow me to use this kind of information, you won’t be able to contribute articles on AspNet Bugs website; however, but you can still visit the site.

We give responsibility, your privacy is our concern and we don’t sell or buy any kind of data. We collect your email, your name, address, etc. to understand about you.

aspnet bugs run Globally, so we strongly adhere to the privacy policy to GDPR and other countries’ policies.

We keep the data used for analytics purposes such as visits to websites, their location, and time spent on our website.

Why do we collect this kind of data?

We use your Some Information to promote your articles or content to the audience and on various social media channels. To send you some information regarding the content you are adding and tag you in your contributions to make it reach fast. We also use your information for analytics purposes to know our readers.